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What's To Enjoy? Life, That's What!

Updated: Jun 3, 2023

My older friend often says, “No matter the weather, the sky is always blue.” This does not mean he is an overly optimistic person. Instead, despite his many infirmities, he lives daily as though it is a gift.

He takes pleasure in his garden, family, and friends, as well as in the slow but steady progress he makes in his sculpture studio. His response to the annoyances we all experience and the things one cannot change is a hearty Brooklyn-ese, “What evah.”

The diagnosis of Dementia, though not what we wish for, is an invitation to indulge yourself in all the things that give you pleasure or might like to do. Some people call these indulgences their “bucket list.”

Many people have spent a considerable portion of their adult lives avoiding certain types of food. Although eating a healthful diet is still essential – indulge! It’s okay to eat a decadent dessert, an entire bag of chips, or any of the other foods you crave.

Travel the world with your fork, knife, and spoon. Try a new cuisine. Explore the worlds of wine, cheese, and artisan beer. Since it’s always nice to travel in the company of others – extend an invitation to a themed potluck dinner or lunch at an ethnic restaurant.

Don’t limit yourself to adventurous eating. This is an excellent time to become an adventurous tourist. Go to those “I’ve always wanted to visit “places. And it doesn’t have to be anything fancy such as a trip to Iceland to see the Northern Lights. Explore your nearby surroundings with the eyes of a tourist.

Living life to its fullest includes giving family and friends the gift of your time with them. And you might be surprised to discover that grocery shopping and housework affirm your independence and abilities.

To paraphrase my friend’s words, “Living a full life makes every day a blue-sky day.”

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