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The Dementia Action Plan®

Educational learning experiences with factual, easy-to-understand concepts, and accessible information.

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The recorded presentation was filmed before a live studio audience at the Philadelphia PBS® station affiliate, WHYY-TV®; this 1-hour TV-show style program is guaranteed to be a crowd-pleaser. Extremely informative, eye-opening, and with clearly explained calls to action. It is a must-see educational talk for audiences everywhere that will engender knowledge, personal commitment, and hope.

Led by the Dementia Society of America's founder and nationally recognized spokesperson, Kevin Jameson, this 1-hour presentation will take you through the basics of the who, what, where, when, and why of Dementia care in the present and future. By utilizing the 7 simple steps detailed in The Dementia Action Plan, you have the potential to make a lasting impact on your ability to successfully navigate life as a caregiver and partner or as someone living with Dementia, no matter what challenges lie ahead.

Mr. Jameson brings nearly 40 years of professional on-stage experience and skill to this lively, emotional, uplifting talk. You walk out feeling empowered to make a difference in your life and the lives of those you care most about.

Download the free companion workbook, click here.

Please get in touch with us to request an in-person or virtual Zoom presentation at your next event.

Links highlighted within the program (coming soon) ...

  • Learn more about support groups.

  • Learn more about how to communicate.

  • Learn more about "6 Degrees of Separation."

  • Learn more about how a diagnosis is made.

  • Learn more about clinical trials.

  • Learn more about normal aging.

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