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Our Dementia education and information programs follow our mission. Those that we serve are very much in need and may be...

  • Living with a form of Dementia, or

  • Acting as caregivers / care partners;

  • Isolated from friends and family;

  • Have spent down their life savings;

  • Now be on medical subsidies;

As you can see it is vital to share Dementia information to address the myriad of issues faced every day. One of our larger efforts addresses the biggest need- tackling taboos, stigmas, fears of the unknown, and a general lack of knowledge about the basics of Dementia; all of which may hold back individuals, families, and our communities, from improving the lives of those living with Dementia. We invite your questions. Please contact us at 1-800-DEMENTIA (1-800-336-3684) or talk to us on social media.

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Dementia Society of America
Dementia Society of America
Dementia Society of America
Dementia Society of America

People living with Dementia may long to hear the music they enjoy; yearn to express, however best they can, their feelings through the powerful medium of art; feel the touch of a warm loving hand, or watch (and join in if able) graceful dancers as they sway and swing to the beat.

Dementia Society of America (DSA) strives to provide the highest quality programs, performers, and professionals. Our programs are underwritten through the concern and generosity of supporters like you, from across the country.


It's important to recognize the efforts of others to enhance the lives of those living with Dementia and/or their caregivers. Maybe it's the occasional concert that residents throw together for the enjoyment of all. Maybe it's an inventor or upstart entrepreneur who creates the next "app" or safety system, that will connect and protect those affected. 


We want to make a difference, today! If you've read this far, you probably do too. Why not join with us?

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