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To The One I Love, I Will Not Miss You

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

To The One I Love, I Will Not Miss You

When you walk in the door, I will not know who you are.

To The One I Love, I Will Not Miss You

The familiar features of your face, I will not know.

Your gentle hand upon my brow will be awkward.

Your voice will be strange, but only to my ears.

Please try and console my fears.

As soon as your gentle touch reaches my heart, my heart will know who you are.

Because only my thoughts are confused, my heart is and always will be true to you.

Dementia is only in my thoughts, it cannot touch the memories in my heart.

Please show me the pictures of our life together.

Help control the fears that are only in my thoughts.

My thoughts will not miss you, my heart will cry in pain.

Help me now with love, pictures, and recordings of us.

For soon Dementia will be my only master.

And I will not miss you.

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