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BBN | Vol 1 Issue 1 | Better Brain Research™

Updated: Apr 20

A study of Fruit flies has uncovered new insights into the brain’s sense of direction and how regions of the brain communicate to help us find our way.


Researchers have discovered that people living with aphasia have more trouble coming up with words when they’re prompted by images and words that carry negative emotional meaning.


Scientists have developed the first 3D-printed brain tissue that can grow and function like typical brain tissue, which will help researchers better understand how brain cells communicate.


Research suggests that just thinking about spending time with your loved one produces more of the pleasure-inducing hormone dopamine within our brains.


Speaking in a lower-pitched tone of voice makes women and men sound more attractive to potential long-term partners, scientists have found.


Researchers can transform brain signals into audible speech with a combination of implants and artificial intelligence. They were able to predict the words that people wanted to say with an accuracy of 92% or more.

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