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5 Online Dementia-Help Programs You Can Access From Home

Updated: May 5, 2023

Now more than ever, accessing helpful Dementia resources from home is essential. With an internet connection, a computer, and the proverbial click of a button, you can discover many free and low-cost tools.

5 Online Dementia-Help Programs You Can Access From Home

We’ve rounded up our top five favorite Dementia help training and video libraries designed to inform and comfort people living with Dementia and their caregivers. Discover more about them below, including what you’ll learn, the cost (if any), and how to watch.

(1) UCLA Caregiver Training Videos

This online dementia help video library by UCLA is geared toward caregivers of people living with dementia. It covers various helpful topics that can make it easier to respond to common behaviors and scenarios. Each video has a written narrative featuring expert explanations and recommended caregiver responses.

What you’ll learn: This comprehensive Dementia help video library walks you through everyday challenges for people living with Dementia, such as alcohol abuse, driving, lack of eating, and paranoid thoughts. Additional caregiver video topics include:

  • Bathing

  • Depression and apathy

  • Hallucinations

  • Home safety

  • Sleep disturbances

  • Taking medications

  • Repetitive behaviors

Cost: Free How to watch: Browse UCLA’s online video library and select your desired topic. Most videos are available with multi-language subtitles and English and Spanish audio. (2) Morningside Ministries Caregiver Training VideosMorningside Ministries is a San Antonio-based non-profit senior care organization dedicated to “caring for those who cared for us.” They provide care for more than 800 residents in assisted living, memory care, rehabilitation, retirement, and skilled nursing care.

They’ve produced over 300 caregiver training videos since 2007, demonstrating their commitment to delivering quality and consistent resources.

What you’ll learn: Morningside Ministries features an extensive Dementia help video library on various caregiving topics ranging from finding elder care and combatting loneliness to music therapy and the latest Alzheimer’s research.

The video "The Difference Between Dementias" is particularly beneficial in helping caregivers understand the top four types of dementia.

Cost: Free How to watch: Browse the Morningside Ministries video library to explore featured and other dementia help videos by topic.

(3) Living with Dementia Five-Week Online Course

Johns Hopkins School of Nursing offers a free, five-week online Dementia help course on living with Dementia. It’s geared toward health professionals and students, people living with Dementia, friends and family caregivers, and others interested in Dementia and quality care.

The course’s goal is to explore the global challenge of living with Dementia for individuals, their families, communities, and society.

What you’ll learn: Each of the five weeks in the course syllabus includes video segments and structured exercises and activities covering:

  • Week 1: The Brain

  • Week 2: The Person

  • Week 3: The Home and Family Environment

  • Week 4: The Caregiving Community

  • Week 5: Social and Policy Changes

Cost: Free to people who want access to the materials without earning a certificate. The fee is $49 for those who want to earn a certificate upon course completion.

How to watch: Learn more about the dementia help course on the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing website and enroll at to access the videos.

(4) The Dementia Action Plan Workshop

Presented by founder and nationally recognized spokesperson Kevin Jameson, this approximately one-hour Dementia help video is a recorded live talk filmed with a studio audience at the Philadelphia PBS® station affiliate, WHYY-TV.

What you’ll learn: This engaging Dementia help seminar covers what to know when dealing with Dementia, including straightforward and empowering steps for navigating life as a caregiver or the person living with Dementia.

Cost: Normally a $9.95 mission-related donation, but please be our special guest and use promo code "FREE" to watch at no cost.

How to watch: Click here to access this on-demand Dementia care planning workshop or contact us to request a free DVD.

(5) Dementia Unplugged ™ Webinars Dementia Unplugged is a monthly educational and conversational webinar developed in cooperation with Jeannine Forrest, Ph.D., R.N.

It offers dementia help and support for caregivers of people living with Dementia.

What you’ll learn: Covering topics such as housing and living options, caregiver grief, meaningful activities in the home, agitation triggers, and responding to hallucinations and delusions, Dementia Unplugged is a well-rounded Dementia help forum where audience participation is encouraged.

Cost: Free

How to watch: Register to access the monthly sessions via Zoom on the first Mondays of every month at 10 am CST. Beyond the Dementia help, videos and training featured on this list, you can find dozens of helpful dementia videos available on our YouTube channel at no cost. We also, invite you to browse our extensive collection of media on our website, including feature films and documentaries for caregivers and people living with dementia to enjoy from the comfort and safety of your home.

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