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Leadership Logo

What does the Leadership Circle logo graphically represent?


  • The circular arrow means taking action and creating forward motion.


  • The circle is meant to communicate the whole interconnectedness of all things, all animals, and all people in our world, including the mind-body connection.

Dementia Society of America
Dementia Society of America
  • The 3 separate colors, each with a distinct amount of "space" allocated to each, reflects proportionately the 3 pillars of our mission:

    • Educate all, about all Dementias (bright purple);

    • Provide quality-of-life programs (lighter purple);

    • Recognize accomplishments and contributions to the betterment of the Dementia community at large (the lightest blue/purple).


  • If you join the Leadership or Caring Circle you agree with the 10 DSA Principles, and you are willing to commit financially each year to see that those ideals are pursued and continued through the work of the Dementia Society of America.

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