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Leadership Circle

Leadership is Action.
Leadership is a Big Vision.
Leadership is a Perspective.
Leadership is a set of Principles.

Dementia Society of America's Leadership Circle brings like-minds together to make a meaningful difference!


The only way to do that is to invest in the future, a new world! A world of love and care that is person-centered, a world that is built upon the notion that at some point, the only thing that really matters is quality, not quantity, of life.

Leadership Circle, Dementia Society of America
Dementia Society of America

10 Leadership Circle Principles


  1. We are all connected in the circle of life;

  2. We are considered alive inside, even if our ability to outwardly communicate is hampered by Dementia or other conditions;

  3. I/we wish to touch with love, think with the heart, feel with the mind, and express appreciation with a simple smile;

  4. I/we seek to understand all Dementias as much as possible;

  5. I/we seek to prevent all Dementias with a holistic approach;

  6. I/we desire to detect and prevent cognitive impairment early;

  7. I/we treat others with a person-centered care approach;

  8. I/we want personal end-of-life choices to be respected by family, friends, and healthcare professionals;

  9. I/we speak openly and with compassion about all people, and about all forms of Dementia;

  10. I/we create the best possible tomorrow by taking the most meaningful actions today!

Annual individual/family contributors are Supporters.

Annual corporate contributors are Sponsors.


Annual Leadership Circle Levels are:


  • BRONZE $1,000+

  • SILVER $2,500+

  • GOLD $5,000+

  • PLATINUM $10,000+


By joining with us and becoming an on-going Leadership Circle Supporter or Sponsor, you will demonstrate an eagerness and earnestness to provide: Dementia education for all; great quality-of-life programs for all; recognition to wonderful caregivers and care partners; accolades upon innovators and innovations that assist with personal Activities of Daily Living (ADLs), Dementia care management, and enhanced cognitive health.


At every level you will receive a beautiful Leadership Circle recognition certificate  (personally signed by the DSA president), that you can display to show your support.


We may also like to recognize you publicly, unless you specifically tell us in writing that you would like to remain anonymous. Please learn more by clicking here.

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