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We believe all of us are capable, at some level, to sense and respond, even until the very end of our lives.

The richness of life doesn’t end when someone is diagnosed with any form of Dementia.

The Dementia Society of America works with care facilities to plan and provide programs that enhance the lives of those living with Dementia, bringing a perspective to the situation that celebrates the uniqueness of every individual. Our Ginny Gives Grants program offer variety and provides ways for people to connect through art, music, dance, touch, and more. Please let us know how we can help by calling 1-800-DEMENTIA (1-800-336-3684) to learn more.

For those living with Dementia, their caregivers, and the public at-large, the Dementia Society of America (DSA) seeks to underwrite a varity of types of quality-of-life programs in nursing homes, continuing care residential communities, and wherever else desired in the Dementia community.

Music. It reaches people... deeply. When many other ways of reaching people have been exhausted, most any music, and especially recognized or beloved music, can still trigger connections within us. The Dementia Society of America believes that every person with Dementia, every caregiver, every human being, should be given the opportunity to enjoy music and song. Our programs do just that. Whether it's 8 people gathered around a harpist, or 80 being serenaded by a violinist, barbershop quartet, or jazz ensemble, DSA leads the way in its variety of enjoyable programs.

Learn more about Dementia and music at NAMM Foundation.

Art. To experience art, interact, and discuss its meaning (as one is able), can create a particularly unique environment in which to connect. It can be a small facilitated group assembled to relate to familiar, or unfamiliar, artistic creations in the comfort of one's residence. It might be a museum visit or traveling art exhibition, that simply allows for the energy of art expression to be shared. DSA provides a diverse selection of subject matter and environments.


Touch/Senses. Those living with Dementia often feel separate and removed. To touch and be touched, to have your handheld, your feet massaged, and your shoulders rubbed in a gentle and meaningful way, can create a sense of calm. Maybe it's the way velvet or silk feels, or cinnamon or vanilla smell... stimulating the senses can provide feelings of security. DSA encourages thoughtful and appropriate touch and sensory stimulation programs to reconnect with the humanness of people. 

Dance. Movement with, and without others interacting, can be a powerful force that crosses over into many other beneficial therapies, such as music, art, and touch. Appropriately managed, with safety being a number one priority, dance programs produce increased blood flow, and enhance stability and balance. Always facilitated to avoid physical discomfort, activities even as simple as swaying to the beat, can increase the mental and physical senses of well-being and security.


We can also work with approved Program Partners (talent agencies typically- that specialize in senior programs) to select, manage and place performers, session leaders, therapists, and others in appropriate settings to the maximum benefit of all. We are constantly seeking new Program Partners and communities, in cities and towns across America.


Please contact us to learn more. To put on a program and get started right away, click here: Ginny Gives Grants.

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