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Operation KeepSafe® iD™ Kit

Do you or your loved one qualify for our iD kit, a $59.99 value, at no cost? Click the green button to complete our request form.

What is Operation KeepSafe®?

Simply put, the Dementia Society of America offers no-cost / low-cost, basic ID kits to anyone living independently* at home with Minor Cognitive Impairment or Dementia and their carers throughout the US/Canada.


In addition, as we learn of first responder efforts across North America, we seek to provide public recognition and support to professionals and volunteers serving individuals and families searching for their loved ones. Examples include:

We can only accomplish our mission through the generosity of our donors. If you can support our national grassroots efforts, please donate now.

October is National KeepSafe Awareness Month, while October 20th is National KeepSafe Day - a day we set aside to remember and reflect upon those who have eloped from the safety of their home. On 10-20, we pay tribute to our nation's first responders by honoring their use of the 10-code. 10-20 is emergency communication shorthand for "Location," just like 10-4 is "Understood."


Read our blog posts about elopement and critical wondering:

Participate in October's annual Operation KeepSafe Challenge, a self-reporting 31-day 60-mile walk/run done entirely through our Facebook group and Facebook Messenger. Learn more and sign up here. Get your shirt(s) here.

Time is Precious - Your Guide to Elopement & Critical Wandering.

Our helpful 16-page booklet is coming soon: ask to request to be "put on the list" and among the first to receive it once it is printed. Please send us a note here.

*Currently, this program is not intended to provide free kits in bulk to residents living in long-term care (LTC), e.g., nursing homes, Dementia/memory care, assisted living, and Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs). However, for such communities, we may be able to facilitate low-cost bulk purchases by working with your sponsors and other local fundraising ideas to help defray the costs. Please contact us about LTC options.

Operation KeepSafe® is brought to you, in part, by...

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