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Community participants engage with a Dementia Friendly America - Doylestown presentation.

- Our Mission -


Within Doylestown, PA and the Central Bucks County region, we will promote Dementia and Brain Health awareness.

We recognize that Dementia is not a disease in and of itself, but rather the outward expression of memory loss, behavioral and functional changes, and a myriad of other cognitive challenges that can occur along with diseases such as: Alzheimer's Disease; Vascular Dementia; Lewy Body Dementia; Frontotemporal Dementia; CTE (chronic concussion-related Dementia), traumatic brain injury (TBI), among many others.


We understand that Dementia is many times misunderstood, misdiagnosed and subject to stigma, fear, taboo and apathy. Our goal is to create a ready, supportive and informed environment committed to truth, love and compassion.

We offer an "open door" to all those affected, and seek to take the most meaningful actions today, in order to create the best possible tomorrows.



DFA-Doylestown Champions

Kevin Jameson - Dementia Society of America

Michael Ellenbogen - Independent Dementia Advocate

DFA-Doylestown Participants

Dementia Society of America

Doylestown Borough - Mayor's Office

Doylestown Township - Supervisors

Bucks County Commissioners

Bucks County Area Agency on Aging

Bucks County Department of Consumer Protection

Pennsylvania House of Representatives - Rep Quinn

Pennsylvania House of Representatives - Rep Watson

Central Bucks Regional Police Department

Central Bucks Emergency Medical Services

Central Bucks Senior Task Force

Doylestown Fire Company

James A. Michener Art Museum

The Cornerstone Clubs

James McGowan, Realtor® ReMax Real Estate

Barbara Marte, 2 Be Enterprises Senior Services

Doylestown Health \ Doylestown Hospital

Covenant Bank

Ross Schriftman Insurance Co.

Michael Ellenbogen Movement

Please join us to make a difference ...

Important Notice: Dementia Society of America (DSA) does not provide medical advice. The contents herein are for informational purposes only and are not intended to substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. DSA does not endorse any of the resources listed herein or within separate sites linked to. The information contained within these directories is thought to be reliable but is not guaranteed to be accurate. It is primarily compiled from provider descriptions of their own services as well as other public data sources and is subject to change without further notice. For help with finding resources, please call our Info Line at 1-800-DEMENTIA.

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