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Dementia SMART®

Are you looking for technology that will help with Dementia-related issues? Our Dementia SMART resources are a good place to start.

Important Notice: This list below is primarily intended to highlight solutions that may be of help to you, and the Dementia community at large. Dementia Society of America (DSA) is not liable for statements or omissions made by the creators, developers, manufacturers, distributors, marketers, and/or sales representatives, et al, about their products or services. DSA is not liable for any failure of the products or services to work as intended; to work as advertised, or to fit their particular purpose. Dementia Society of America does not endorse, or take an ownership interest in any of the companies, individuals, devices, software applications, solutions or services, etc., listed or mentioned in any of our electronic, printed or verbal communications.


Use this information as a guide only, and make your decisions to use these innovations carefully, and after additional research.

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Please review our Dementia SMART Award Winners. They offer exciting technology solutions for problems like safety, and also activities that can help enrich the lives of people living with Dementia. Technology is providing new opportunities every day for patients, caregivers and family members of those with Dementia. What was not possible yesterday, can become reality today, thanks to the dedicated people who pioneer these technologies.

Reading2Connect Logo.jpg


Gold Award Winner


Specially designed books to break through the barriers to reading, sparking older adults' abilities to reflect, remember, learn, and express themselves. An integrated program that includes adapted books and training, enabling adults to recall their pasts, share humor, and emotionally connect with peers, family, and others.



Gold Award Winner


Callgivers, formally known as Versally, is a live companion call service. Our professionally trained Callgivers™ provide socially isolated adults with wellness support and companionship through regularly scheduled and meaningful phone conversations.


Maria's Place

Gold Award Winner


Caregiving can be a challenging journey. At Maria's Place, they bring new ideas and fun activities to incorporate into the daily lives of caregivers and those they are caring for. Their activities are for every ability level and many can be adapted to group situations.



Gold Award Winner


SingFit™ is a solution that allows even those with no musical experience to facilitate therapeutic group activities, tailored specifically for their participants’ age and musical tastes as well as cognitive and physical health. Their lyric cueing (provides the words ahead of the music) means those with Dementia can joyfully take part.

Envoy America

Gold Award Winner


Their goal is to empower seniors by providing them a convenient and safe way to regain a sense of freedom and mobility. All drivers are mature and provide a helping hand with tasks that may be difficult for seniors. Additionally, drivers are provided customized Dementia-awareness training. Envoy

Joy for All Companion Pets

Gold Award Winner


Cats and dogs that bring comfort, companionship, and fun to seniors. With realistic sounds and motion, plus wonderfully soft fur, these pets provide a soothing, joyful experience for all.


Silver Award Winner


Wearable sensor technology designed to detect a person getting out of bed, and wirelessly sends an alert to a mobile device.



Simple | Meaningful | Accessible |Respectful |Trusted


Occasionally, we award recognition to innovators, products, or services. We do so for the sole purpose of advancing innovation in the aging marketplace, and in particular for Dementia-related solutions.


Do you have an innovative solution? We encourage you to learn more or apply for the DEMENTIA SMART AWARD by contacting us. To download our free guide to being Dementia SMART, please click here.

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