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Our programs bring much-needed education, local resources, and life enrichment to individuals and families impacted by Dementia.

We recognize Dementia caregivers and innovators and raise HOPE by spotlighting relevant research to discover cures and causes and encourage early detection and meaningful interventions.

Dementia Society of America is your volunteer-driven 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity serving the nation for all causes of Dementia, including:

Do you need basic Dementia information?
As a Voluntary Health Organization, we focus broadly on all forms of Dementia, sometimes also referred to medically as Major Neurocognitive Disorders (NCD). We have collected top resources from across the country and around the globe for you! We're like a Dementia association, Dementia foundation, and Brain Health resource center - all rolled into one. The Dementia Society of America is here for everyone.

By sharing these resources, we bring HOPE through education about what Dementia is and what it isn't and help people who live with Dementia continue to lead meaningful lives and support their care partners. 

This may surprise you, but it summarizes the impact Dementia may have on our families: We believe that more than 9 million Americans live with some form of Dementia today. Moreover, although the scientific community is attempting to shed additional light on the numbers, Alzheimer's-type Dementia alone is currently considered to represent about half of the cases.* Even more shocking, when all forms of Dementia are combined, they are globally estimated, as of 2019, to be the 2nd leading cause of death, behind heart disease in high-income countries.**

Some would say that the number of deaths attributable to Dementia may be significantly under-reported due to the stigma associated with various diseases, lack of education, or other coexisting health issues that can often occur at the end of your life. No matter what the numbers are, Dementia is costly in every way possible, both financially and emotionally. Our goal is to provide HOPE and help individuals, caregivers, corporations, and communities wishing to learn more about Dementia via our resources and programs, targeting one's quality of life.

Billions are spent each year on rising healthcare costs relating to Dementia. In addition to the financial burdens, family and care partners looking after loved ones and friends are often emotionally frustrated and physically stretched to the maximum.

Today, there are no cures or effective long-term treatments. Alzheimer's disease and many other causes of progressive Dementia cross the cultural and socioeconomic divides. Rich or poor, or somewhere in-between, you can die prematurely just because of Dementia.

While you can get great satisfaction, increased inner strength, and a sense of well-being in caring for someone living with Dementia, it is still not easy. Even professional caregivers paid to give a helping hand and assist those living with Dementia experience occasional burnout. 

Person-centered care, and, if possible, person-directed care, requires that we always treat individuals uniquely, with respect, and with dignity to the end of their lives. These are the keys to an optimal quality of life and the best possible tomorrows.

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Yes, you can help enhance the lives of those living with Dementia and their caregivers! 

Please get involved, or donate to the Dementia Society today.

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