Dementia Society of America's 2022
Ride Against Dementia
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What is the Ride Against Dementia™?

Simply put, it's a challenge to bike 100 or more miles throughout May 2022. The challenge also, (#1) helps raise awareness for Dementia, and (#2) enables those who wish to fundraise on our behalf.

Tell me more about the Dementia Society of America?

We're a national volunteer-driven 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Please visit our home page here, learn about our mission, and explore our entire site.

Is this challenge only on Facebook?

Yes. That doesn't mean you can't share your pix and participation on Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, or other social media platforms. Still, the registration, mile tracking, Messenger communications, and leader boards are all handled on Facebook.


You may wish to use this shortened link ( to share/post elsewhere.

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What if someone wants to donate to my fundraiser but isn't on Facebook?

Send the person to our donate page at, and instruct them to enter the name of your fundraiser, most likely, your name, in the "In Honor of" field. They can also donate by check. Get the mail-in form here.


What if someone wants to modify, get a refund, or adjust recurring donations made through Facebook payments?

Please go here to find the link to Facebook payments help. Facebook is the ONLY entity that can make any changes. Nonprofits do not have that ability.

What hashtag should I use?


Must I donate to participate or ask others to do so?

We'd love it if you did, but no one is required to donate.

Must I pay a registration fee?

There's no registration fee.

Must I only ride a bicycle?

You may ride or drive practically anything else, e.g., stationary bike, rowing machine, etc. You can also walk, run, roll, crawl (well, we don't recommend crawling), but you get the idea - if something other than a bike makes more sense for you, do it. Please log your miles traveled through Facebook Messenger after every portion of your journey to be counted on the leader board.

When will miles start to be counted?

Your miles will start to be tabulated on the 1st of May, 2022. Once you're a part of the group, follow the instructions to access the "Menu" through Messenger to log miles.

When can I start my fundraising?

You may start a fundraiser and invite others to join you now. Please follow the instructions provided on the group home page to set one up.

Why 100 miles?

Some would say, "What?! OMG, 100 miles? That's a long way!" Well, you can accomplish the goal over the course of an entire month.

Can I use Strava, Garmin, Fitbit, or another wearable to synch miles?

We're sorry, but we're not able to connect electronic devices at this time.

Why only 100 miles; can I set a higher goal?

If 100 miles is your typical Saturday morning... LEVEL UP! Become a Top Gear Participant, and create what's uniquely challenging for YOU!

More Questions? Want Dementia Education Information?

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