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Get to Know Dementia

Updated: May 4, 2022

Obviously a play on words that we coined, to help folks quickly understand that there's more to know about Dementia than most people think they know.

Get to Know Dementia

It's like anything else, if you scratch just below the surface of any subject, you begin to understand that there's a whole world of knowledge just waiting to wade through.

This blog (short for weblog. see you learned something already) will be attended to like a year-round garden: figure out what veggies you want and when you want them; create some space for planting, a great deal of ongoing nourishment; a basket full of tender love and care; and behold, after a while, there are fruits to thy labors.

We will attempt to share some of our knowledge and experiences in life caring for, and about, those with Dementia. As comedian George Carlin said, "brain droppings." Plus there'll be some bits and pieces of wisdom we've harvested from all of those that have gone before us down this rocky, but awesomely challenging path. #dementia #alzheimers #caregiving #dementiasociety



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