Mother's Day through Father's Day!

Sunday May 14th to Sunday June 18th, 2017

Walk with me ...

Your steps = smiles and joy!

Join our grassroots 36-day "stepathon"  anytime, even on the last day! Any steps you add help us & help you!

You don't need to fundraise, just walk. Use a fitness tracker or your smartphone's free health app (works like an old-school pedometer) to combine your everyday steps with everyone else to help us reach our 6+ million step goal. In addition to learning, and supporting your own brain's health, you will be highlighting the joy, happiness and smiles we bring to those living with Dementia.


What? To raise Dementia & Brain Health Awareness.

Walk for an hour, a day, a weekend, or all 36 days. Take 1 step or 10,000 steps; with more than 6 million people living with some form of Dementia in the US today, every step counts. During the 36 days of the challenge you will receive emails with valuable tips and helpful information on Dementia, and Brain Health, to share.


Why? To fund programs for people living with Dementia.

Through the Dementia Society of America (DSA), and our Ginny Gives Program, we provide small grants to musicians, artists, therapists & performers. Over the course of this 36-day challenge, all of the donations received will go directly to fund life-enriching art, music, movement & touch programs for people living with Dementia this year alone. More if we can!


How? You'll think it's like magic.

We will combine your steps with people from all across the country. When you sign-up with us, we combine your "steps" from the fitness tracker you wear or the app you carry on your smartphone.


Where? Anywhere you want to step.

Every step you take, no matter where you live or work, no matter who you are or what you do, helps us reach our 6,000,000+ steps. You can walk alone, with a partner, in a group, or a crowd!


Sign-up now.

Learn more now...

What is the STEP2RAISE Challenge?

How does STEP2RAISE work?

Learn about Ginny Gives.

I'm going to make this happen ...

A smartphone app is simple ...

Fitness Trackers?

Our technology platform for the STEP2RAISE Challenge works with popular electronic fitness trackers, such as Apple Watch, Fitbit, Jawbone, Withings, Garmin & Misfit. Click here to buy one.


Smartphone Apps?

Make it simple, use your free activity/step app that likely came with your iOS phone, Apple Health app, or for Android, Google Fit.


Fitness Tracker vs Smartphone App?

Fitness trackers come in all shapes and sizes, designs, prices and levels of sophistication. They are meant to be worn or clipped on 24/7 and depending on the tracker, the battery life typically ranges from days, to weeks, even months.


The smartphone app is free, yet uses battery power when tracking your steps. Plus, you'll need to carry your phone, or place it in a pocket while you count your steps. If you leave the app tracking "on" all day, you will generally need to recharge your phone each night.

We're in this together ...

Music is good Brain Health ...

Being social is good Brain Health ...


Although always appreciated, you do not have to make a financial contribution to the Dementia Society of America to participate, instead, we are counting on our National Sponsors & Supporters to help us during our STEP2RAISE Challenge. 


However, if you wish to make a donation, please click here.


Why Dementia & Brain Health Awareness?

You may have heard of Alzheimer's Disease, but did you know that it's only 1 of 10 leading forms of Dementia? Did you know that you can possibly lower or manage your risks for certain types of Dementia? Throughout the STEP2RAISE Challenge you will be provided with regular and useful Dementia & Brain Health information that you can share. Take care of your brain, it's the only one you've got.


6+ Million?

It is estimated that more than 6,000,000 people live today in the US with some form of Dementia, and worldwide the numbers are growing rapidly. According to the CDC, caregiving costs exceed $216 billion annually.


Sign-up. Participation is free.


This is not a race, this is a movement.TM

100% of the donations received by DSA during our 36-day STEP2RAISE Challenge will go directly into our Ginny Gives Program. Because we are not asking our participants to donate or fundraise, we are looking to our National Supporters and Sponsors to help ensure our financial success. Please help.


Our other programs, along with our minimal operating expenses (we are all-volunteer and have zero salaries and related expenses), will be covered through the generosity of general donations throughout the rest of the year.

Previous STEP2RAISE Marquis Corporate Sponsors

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Past National Supporters

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I'm challenging you to do 10,000 steps ...

Why not throw down a Challenge?

You know, most people love a challenge. So, why not challenge them to walk 10,000 steps in a day? It's simple - but not easy - and it's good for brain health!


Tweet out a Challenge


Post Challenge to LinkedIn


If they don't, encourage them to do something meaningful and positive for someone living with Dementia or a caregiver.


Hopefully they'll take the STEP2RAISE Challenge, but no matter what they do to answer your call, the point is to have them take a positive step to make the world a better place each and every day.



Check out Go4Life to learn more!


Join or Self-Organize a City STEP2RAISE Awareness Event through Facebook Events - To Be Announced

Kick-off walk...

Philadelphia, PA 5/13/17*

From the Liberty Bell to the Phila Art Museum steps!


Final 5,000 steps...

Washington, DC 6/18/17*

From the Capital steps to the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.

Seattle, WA

Charlotte, NC

Portland, OR

Boston, MA

Chicago, IL

Palm Beach, FL

Miami, FL

New York City

San Diego, CA

Atlanta, GA

Denver, CO

Asheville NC 5/23/17*

Bucks County, PA

Los Angeles, CA

Detroit, MI

Nashville, TN

Kansas City, MO

San Francisco, CA

*Dementia Society of America-led Events

These STEP2RAISE awareness events are being led by Dementia Society volunteers. Please Contact us or check back here for updates. DSA-led events will be indicated on Facebook Events.


Self-Organized Events

All other cities are self-organizing. Meeting spots will be suggested on Facebook Events, and all walks should be around 5,000 steps, or about 2-3 miles, and should last between 1 to 2 hours depending on pace. If you want to walk 10,000 steps, go for it! To meet the step count requirement: go up & back the same path; create a loop; or, make it one-way, and then have transportation back prearranged at the end point. Whatever you do, make it fun and interesting.



If possible, accommodations should be considered for those unable to walk the distance, such as: a vehicle, public transportation, proximity to food & water, or simply a place to easily rest & congregrate before, during or after the walk, so that those that would rather participate but not walk may do so. Be mindful of parking, wheelchair accessibility and safety when planning your walk. Walks must be free and open to all.



If you would like to lead an event in your town or city, please connect here: Contact us.


Frequently Asked Questions about the STEP2RAISE Challenge and the Dementia Society of America


Trouble signing up?

We'd love to assist anyone having difficulty signing up. We understand that sometimes computers and humans don't mix. Please call 1-844-336-3684 and a volunteer will help you.


When can I sign-up, and when does the STEP2RAISE Challenge begin?

You may sign-up anytime between April 4th, 2017 and June 18th, 2017. The actual STEP2RAISE Challenge starts on Sunday May 14th, 2017 (Mother's Day), and ends on June 18th, 2017 (Father's Day).


Can I manually enter my steps?

Only if your electronic fitness tracker or app has failed beyond repair or replacement. We do not have any staff to manage the input and record keeping required so, please consider it a "step" of last resort. If your device fails to sync, please try to get it syncing again, or replaced, before you contact us. Manual steps can only be reported through our standard form here: Contact.


Can I use my old clip-on mechanical pedometer to count my steps?

Unfortunately, no. Please use an inexpensive tracker or the free smartphone app as an alternative.


Can I participate in more than one step, walk, bike, fitness (or other) challenge at the exact same time?

Yes. That's what's so great about our "stepathon." Even if you are participating in another challenge for another purpose, nonprofit, corporate, or otherwise (even if you are using your same fitness tracker/app), you can also connect and add steps to the STEP2RAISE Challenge.


What happens when we reach our goal of 6 million steps?

We celebrate!! Then turnaround and go back, and then back, and then back again... let's cross America multiple times! Such a wonderful level of commitment and involvement will show the world that America is committed to Dementia & Brain Health Awareness from coast-to-coast!


Is it true, that I do not need to fundarise on my own, or make a donation to participate?



Which electronic wearable fitness trackers are compatible?

Compatible trackers are: Apple Watch, Fitbit, Jawbone, Withings, Misfit, and Garmin. Don't have a wearble tracker? Get one here.


Can I use a step tracking app on my smartphone, and which ones are compatible?

Yes, as long as it is the Apple iOS Health or Android Google Fit.


What are the steps to joining the STEP2RAISE Challenge?

After you have a compatible electronic fitness tracker or smartphone app, click on "Sign up." Then follow these 3 steps: (1) Click the “JOIN" button for the STEP2RAISE challenge at the far bottom of the page. (2) Click "Join Challenge" on the next challenge page in the top left corner. (3) Create your account and connect your device to your account. Done. Begin stepping in the Challenge anytime starting May 14th, 2017 to June 18th, 2017.


Who can I contact for help with connecting my fitness tracker?

Our step-aggregation platform partner has a help section on their website and will respond to help inquires by chat and email. Please, do not call our toll-free information line as we need to maintain the line open for Dementia-related questions from the public. Instead, please start here.


Is it true, that the STEP2RAISE Challenge is not a fundraiser?

Yes. Donations are always welcome, but we are not requiring any participants to donate or fundraise. We are, however, actively seeking national sponsors that will fund our Ginny Gives Grants Program during the STEP2RAISE Challenge. If you are interested in being a national sponsor, please Contact us.


What is the primary purpose of the STEP2RAISE Challenge?

Provide useful information about Dementia, and bring national attention and awareness to the Dementia community, and the importance of maintaining and protecting good brain health.


Where can I get a poster to share and post?

Please click here to download a printable 8.5" x 11" STEP2RAISE Challenge PDF poster with tear-offs. Post in your office, public bulletin boards, at your place of worship, or else wherever allowed.


What hastags should I use?

#STEP2RAISE & add a location hashtag so that help people know you're "representing" in a particular town, like: #PHILLY, #MIAMI, #NYC, etc. Download our hashtag signs for your images/videos. There are four: "LOVE U," "In Loving Memory of," In Loving Honor of," "Supports."


Are there any prizes awarded for the STEP2RAISE Challenge?

The top 10 steppers (those that have reported the highest number of steps over the entirety of the 36-day Challenge, through their wearable tracker or app) can get an exclusive 2017 BigStepper T-Shirt.


Can I get a free Dementia Society of America purple cause bracelet?

Yes, simply request them through our Contact page. Please provide your name and address. Maximum two per household/request. Supplies are limited.




We want to create a better tomorrow ...

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Read our STEP2RAISE Terms and Conditions.

Read our Privacy Statement.

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