What is the CauseCouncil?

It is an initiative intending to easily connect and introduce nonprofit advertisers to for-profit advertisers, and vice versa, with the CauseCouncil acting as a transparent 501(c)(3) nonprofit broker between the parties.

The idea is simple, create a single repository of digital and non-digital advertising assets, based on industry-standard sizes/formats, which allow for-profits and nonprofits to work together to further their brands.


For-profit advertisers can choose from a roster of not-for-profit ads (thus providing in-kind revenue to the nonprofit when they appear) for their open spots and slots, or they may simply act as supportive partners to a particular cause that aligns with their corporate vision and values. Firms thereby "do good" through their existing reach and marketing investment. Likewise, nonprofits can select ads from for-profit firms and use them as a way to provide additional revenue and/or enhance their overall messaging.

TV, radio and print Public Service Announcements (PSA's), digital banner ads, outdoor billboards, unused print media space, direct mail sponsorships, shared hashtags, embedded links in email newsletters and more, are all examples of ad-related assets that could be made available to both sides of the collaboration.

The mutual revenue benefits are straight-forward for both parties and are based on tiers of documented reach.

The interval (run), ad size, content and relevance of the ad(s) are mutually determined in advance through a simplified agreement facilitated by the CauseCouncil. Unlike some other advertising councils which severely restrict the participants by financial size or other self-limiting factors, CauseCouncil is a dynamic collaborative of engaged partners ... seeking common goals of increased revenue and broader awareness for all causes large to small.

Interested to know more?

Please contact the initiative's founding partner, the Dementia Society of America here.

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